Bio: I am the proud single mother of an AMAZING 8 year old little man with Autism. He loves cars, (all vehicles really but cars are his favourite) and can tell you so much about them and recognise so many. He's a wonderful artist. He is the kindest, most loving child you will ever meet and he is SO happy. He brings joy to those around him and his smile and laugh are so infectious. He is my world. I love him more than I could ever put into words and I cherish every second I have with him. I have a Fibromylagia which causes chronic pain and fatigue. I also am hypermobile and my joints will sublex which is very painful as well. Because of this I am unable to work. We have a very happy home. My son and I live with my wonderful parents. Thank you to Raven Muse for the use of her beautiful Autism themed clip art. Copyright © 1999-2009 Design By Cher - All Rights Reserved

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